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The Global Source of Scientific Knowledge About The World's Information Environment

Algorithmic manipulation, bias, hate speech, misleading information, deep fakes and other acts have created a global information environment crisis and an existential threat to humanity. The cost is billions of dollars, millions of lives and an erosion of trust in science, our institutions and each other.

Led by top scientists of different disciplines from around the world, the IPIE is a global response. Together, IPIE scientists provide neutral assessments on the condition of the information environment –– allowing policy makers to take meaningful action before it's too late.

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Expert Survey on the Global Information Environment 2023: Lessons for Technology Policy and Design

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One Mission

To provide the most actionable scientific knowledge about threats to the world’s information environment.

200+ Global Experts

Stronger together. IPIE is a growing consortium of scientists from 55 different countries.

2 New IPIE Reports, Including an Analysis of 4,500+ Scientific Research Papers

Scientific discoveries, trends and deep meta-analyses. Organized to provide global leaders with easy access to the critical intelligence needed to lead with knowledge.

Nobel Prize Summit News

IPIE Takes Stage at 2023 Nobel Prize Summit

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