The IPIE Announces the Appointment of John Momoh as a New Board Member

Nigerian broadcast journalist joins board to counter ‘the pollution plaguing the world's information environment’

The IPIE is delighted to announce the appointment of John Momoh as a new board member.

The renowned Nigerian broadcast journalist and Chairman and CEO of Channels, an independent and multiple award-winning 24-hour news and media television channel based in Lagos, will bring decades of expertise from frontline media reporting and ownership to the role.

He said: "I am thrilled to join the board of the IPIE at this pivotal moment. Our global community demands concerted action and solid evidence to counteract the pollution plaguing the world's information environment. Together, we can forge paths toward clarity and truth."

"Creating a global information environment that fosters human advancement rather than obstructing it necessitates a multidisciplinary collaboration that transcends languages and political boundaries. This is the essence of the IPIE's mission and the foundation upon which we operate."

"The IPIE is dedicated to a vital mission: achieving scientific consensus on strategies to enhance the global information landscape. I am honored to contribute to this global effort, guiding the development of an institution committed to a scientifically informed approach."

Professor Phil Howard, co-Founder and President of the IPIE said: “We are really delighted to welcome John Momoh as a Board member. He brings an unparalleled depth of understanding on the threats facing the information environment and the workings of the media landscape, both in Nigeria, across Africa and globally and his guidance on these seismic issues will help guide our work in years to come.”

The IPIE now has almost 300 scientists from 60 countries around the world with 60% from the Global South, and gender parity in the scientific network, representing disciplines across the behavioral, computer and social sciences—diversity that gives the IPIE credibility and mandate.  

Mr. Momoh added: "In regions like Nigeria and across Africa, AI bias, algorithmic manipulation, and disinformation tarnish our media landscape. While much of the research on these issues originates from the US, UK, and Europe, the prevalence of misinformation is global, often occurring in diverse languages.  

“The IPIE recognises the need for broad-based research contributions, particularly from Africa and other underrepresented regions, to truly understand and address these challenges. I eagerly anticipate the impactful work we will undertake together."  

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