Membership Committee

The mandate of the Membership Committee is to build a global network of researchers who can help the IPIE organize, evaluate, and elevate research from various fields and provide recommendations for improving the global information environment.  

The Membership Committee plays a critical role in achieving this mission. It is responsible for recruiting researchers to affiliate with the IPIE, advising on the appointment IPIE Affiliates to Scientific Committee and Panels, and maintaining relationships with the broad network of Affiliates.  The Membership Committee considers questions related to both individual and institutional associations for the IPIE.

In addition to its recruitment and community development activities, the Membership Committee is responsible for ensuring that the work of the IPIE is inclusive. The Committee actively seeks out members from different disciplines, backgrounds, and regions, with the aim of supporting work that reflects a full range of ethical perspectives, evidence-based analyses, and transportable knowledge.

One of the key challenges facing the Membership Committee is to develop an expert pool that can be relevant and responsive to the quickly evolving information environment. This means actively drawing in the researchers who are leading in their domains of inquiry and abreast of the latest developments in technology and information systems.  It means cultivating relationships with research communities from around the world to identify emerging issues and trends. And it requires engagement with industry leaders, policymakers, and civil society.

One of the key challenges facing the IPIE is the rapidly evolving nature of the information environment. The IPIE must constantly adapt to new technological developments and changes in data science to provide up-to-date assessments of the risks associated with algorithmic bias, manipulation, and misinformation. This requires a deep understanding of the complex interplay among all the factors that shape the information environment.

To stay ahead of these challenges, the Membership Committee draws on the expertise of a wide network of researchers and scientists from fields across the sciences and humanities, as well as from policymakers, civil society organizations, and industry representatives. By working collaboratively with these groups, the IPIE can produce unique knowledge on the challenges posed to a healthy information environment.

The Membership Committee is committed to building new strategic partnerships and alliances with individual researchers and scientific organizations that share its mission of using technology innovation to address public problems. This means drawing in expertise from a broad range of behavioral, computational, and social sciences, in combination with the full strength of insightful humanistic and critical inquiry.  

By working together, we can leverage our collective expertise and resources to create a more equitable and resilient information environment for all. The IPIE is eager to collaborate with others who share this vision and looks forward to working together to address the complex challenges of maintaining the health of our global information environment.

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