January 2024

IPIE Submission to the European Commission: Implementation of Regulations for Transparency Reporting Obligations Under the Digital Services Act

This submission by the International Panel on the Information Environment (IPIE) sets out recommendations for the European Commission’s consultation regarding the Implementation of Regulations for Transparency Reporting Obligations under the Digital Services Act. Specifically, the submission recommends the following amendments to the proposed mandatory qualitative template for Articles 15(1)(c), 15(1)(e), 42(2)(a), and 42(2)(b) in Annex II to the Draft implementing Regulations:

  • Summary of the content moderation engaged in at the providers’ own initiative;
  • Meaningful and comprehensible information regarding the applied detection method;
  • Summary of the use made of automated means for the purpose of content moderation;
  • Qualitative description of the automated means;
  • Specification of the precise purposes to apply automated means.
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