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Member, Science and Methodology Committee

Eva Navarro is a passionate scientist and an education innovator. But she is also a computer scientist, a control engineer, an applied mathematician, and a long-standing expert in complex systems, hybrid dynamical systems and cyber-physical systems. Her work extends across many disciplines and applications, and resists easy classification. She is currently proposing new nature-inspired models of computation, learning and evolution for complex systems, and modelling important aspects of the human brain. She shadowed the footsteps of Alan Turing in Manchester and Santiago Ramon y Cajal in Madrid. She is one of the world's experts in Turing's morphogenesis - having collaborated with Alan Turing's last surviving student. Eva has developed her career in industry and in prestigious universities and research centres in four different countries: the USA, the UK, Mexico and Spain. She is currently a Full Professor in the School of Interactive Games and Media in the Golisano College of Computing and Information Sciences at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), and is the former Director of the School of Information at RIT. She is the Director of the Artificial intelligence and DAta science (AiDAs) Lab, and is affiliated to the Center for Human-aware AI (CHAI) and the Personalize Healthcare Technology Research Centre at RIT. She is also a Honorary Senior Research Fellow of the Spatial Policy Lab of the Manchester Urban Institute and the School of Environment, Education and Development at the University of Manchester in the UK. Moreover, she is part of the core team of AI Mexico and Technolatinas; co-founder of ACM-Women Europe and the ACM womENcourage conference series in Europe; expert of the UNESCO Inclusive Policy Lab, amongst other advisory roles in prestigious international associations and technical committees.

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