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Welcome to the International Panel on the Information Environment. We are delighted to invite academic researchers from a diverse range of disciplines to join us in the mission to promote an open, safe, and secure information environment for all.

In addition to our small staff who serve as the Secretariat, the IPIE is managed by a dedicated committee of volunteer trustees and the leadership of the Scientific Panels. As an affiliate, you will have the opportunity to contribute to our research, participate in events and initiatives, and connect with other experts in the field.

Roles and responsibilities

As an affiliate we may turn to you for advice on the trajectory of research in the domains in which you are an expert, for strategy on science diplomacy, and for roles as a reviewer or member of a Scientific Panel. Panel members will review and summarize research in their areas of expertise. If you are available and your expertise is needed, you may be invited to participate in Scientific Panels chartered with developing a focused assessment or evaluating a particular problem. Senior researchers chair the Scientific Panels, and some of the larger Scientific Panels with significant workloads may have Chairs, Vice Chairs, or Co-Chairs to distribute the work.  

IPIE Affiliates will have the opportunity to play an active role in shaping the research agenda of the IPIE, as appropriate, by leading the analysis on actionable research and identifying policy recommendations. Affiliates may be invited to join a Scientific Panel, assist with fundraising and development, or conduct horizon-scanning and policy work. You will have new opportunities to extend your professional network, apply your expertise for public knowledge, and advance our understanding of how to best tackle the problems of algorithmic bias, manipulation and misinformation.

The needs and assignments will change over time, as technologies evolve and critical problems of global concern arise. When you register, we will be able to match your expertise and interests with the Panels that have been constituted. We open affiliation to researchers from around the world, and hope that this initiative will ensure that all those who wish to join our scholarly and professional community are able to do so. At the end of the registration process, you can nominate other colleagues who may also wish to advance the mission of the IPIE.

If you are interested in joining the IPIE, please read our Affiliation FAQ, which contains more details about being an affiliate, and contact to express your interest in becoming a member.

Our team will follow up shortly with more instructions.

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