Computer Science

Universidad del Claustro de Sor Juana

Scholar, professor, hackfeminist, activist of the free culture and free software movement.Councilor of the IFT, member of the Creative Commons ExCom and representative ofCreative Commons Mexico. Author and compiler of the book: Hacker Ethics, Security and Surveillance, as well as several surveillance, and several academic and popular articles on digital culture. Her her work has been presented in national and international media such as the Edusat Network and the German TV channel "Deutsche Welle". He has more than 200 participations as lecturer, panelist, speaker and workshop leader in Mexico and several countries in America and Europe. Europe. Her research topics include: critical technology, technology and women, hacker culture, culture and digital media, free software, hackfeminism, and the use of permissive licenses. and the use of permissive licensing for the creation and dissemination of knowledge on the Internet

On the web
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