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PhD in Information Science and Bachelor of Law, she is a Professor of Information Law at the Complutense University of Madrid. She has two Sexenios of research 2020 (alive). One Sexennium of transfer 2020. Five five-year periods. Excellent and Very Positive Docentia in the last three years. Since 2020, she has been Chair Jean Monnet with the Modern Times Chair on Digital Transformation of European Audiovisual Heritage together with three colleagues (Pfra. Paz Rebollo, Ramos Simón and Ramos Arenas).

For more than 15 years, he has been involved in projects related to Rights and Networks, ICT Guarantees and Open Government. Since 2020 he leads with Rafael Rubio the SN-Disorders Project (with Rafael Rubio) Guarantees against disinformation in electoral processes. Cybersecurity issues and other information disorders in networks (Ref: PID2019-105334RB-I00), a project that ends in May 2023. Also, in this line, she is a member since 2021 of the Jean Monnet Center of Excellence at the University of Vienna. FreuDe, where she had a stay in May 2022.

She is a member of the Cyber-Elections Project of the Next Generation Funds, 2022-2023, TED2021-130876B-I00. CYBERSECURITY IN ELECTORAL PROCESSES. GUARANTEES AGAINST DISINFORMATION AND OTHER INFORMATION DISORDERS IN PLATFORMS led by Rafael Rubio and José Mª Coello from Portugal, which ends in December 2023. She was a Visiting Scholar at UCLA in the 2013/2014 academic year, and at the University of California at Berkeley in 1997-1998 (School of Law), and in the summer of 2017 she was Affiliated to the School of Journalism, with a Complutense del Amo Scholarship. She has always specialised in law and technology, cyberspace law and copyright in the digital sphere. She is a member of the Madrid Bar Association (not currently practising).

She introduced in Spain in the late 90's subjects such as Telecommunications and Internet Law, Copyright in the cultural industries and audiovisual, subjects of the Faculty of Information Sciences, and since 2015 seminars and PhD courses on the transformation of the audiovisual industries. As a result of this speciality, since 1998 she has also directed the Observatory and blog on ICTs available at, which is currently maintained in the Disinformation Observatory of the aforementioned project.

Author of six monographs on informative topics, including El Patrocinio, Comentarios a la Ley General de Publicidad, Paradojas de Internet and, La protección del talento: propiedad intelectual de autores, artistas y productores con especial atención a Internet y obras digitales. She has authored the first books on Internet Law (Paradojas de Internet, in 2001). She has 6 JCR-SCOPUS journal articles and 20 articles in indexed publications. She has co-directed four handbooks on Information Law as well as the most relevant work in Latin America on Internet rights and freedoms, co-authored with Lorenzo Cotino entitled Libertad de expresión e información Amenazas y protección de los derechos personales (Centro de Estudios Políticos y Constitucionales, 2012).

She has also co-directed the book Derecho de la Información. El ejercicio del derecho a la información y su jurisprudencia with Ignacio Bel, also published by the CEPC. She is also co-director of the book Communication Rights, Law and Ethics co-edited with Ignacio Bel and Rodrigo Cetina by Wiley Blackwell (USA, 2021). She teaches Audiovisual Communication Law in the Faculty of Information Sciences at the Complutense University of Madrid. He also teaches Legislation and Management in the Master's Degree in Audiovisual Heritage, which he joined after his stay at UCLA. Since 2018 she has been directing the International Practicum subject for European mobility of students in the Master's programme.

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