Patricia Maria






Austral University

Patricia María Nigro lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She is a full-time professor and researcher at the Communication Faculty of the Austral University, since 1995. She has a PHD.in Social Communication, a degree in Education and another in Spanish Language. She is a Language teacher and specialist in Language Sciences. She teaches Language and Political Discourse at the Graduate School of the Austral University. From this language perspective, since 2016, she has been researching about disinformation in journalism and political communication. She took courses on the subject at the Knight Center Foundation at the University of Austin, Texas and at the Poynter Institute, Florida. She has given lectures and courses in Latin America on the subject in University of San Francisco Xavier, Bolivia; University of Panama;University of Costa Rica; Federation of Faculties of Social Communication (FELAFACS) and she is a guest collaborator of the Desconfío.org Project. She published papers about my research in international journals such as Hipertext.net (Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona) and Más Poder Local (University of Murcia) of Spain. Currently, she is working on biases in AI, especially from a linguistic, pragmatic, rethorical and gender perspective.

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