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Bruno Kessler Foundation

Riccardo is an interdisciplinary physicist who currently leads the CHuB Lab at the Bruno Kessler Foundation in Trento. This research unit specializes in the data-informed statistical modeling of individual and collective human behavior. His research interests are broad and encompass complexity science and data science, with a particular focus on human mobility, multimodal transportation, decision modeling and online communication.

Riccardo has gained international experience through his affiliations with renowned institutions such as the Institute for Interdisciplinary Physics and Complex Systems in Mallorca, Spain, the Center for Complex Systems and Brain Sciences in San Martin, Argentina, and the Institute for Theoretical Physics of the Atomic Energy Committee in Saclay, France.

In addition to his research background, Riccardo has made significant contributions to the development of the Covid19 Infodemics Observatory (covid19obs.fbk.eu) and currently serves as the coordinator of the Horizon Europe AI4TRUST project. This ambitious initiative aims to develop AI-based technologies for trustworthy solutions against disinformation across multiple modes (text, images, audiovisual) and languages to estimate the risk of unreliable information consumption.

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